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Available For Hire – One Slightly Used Barrister-at-Law If you are reading this you have some interest in knowing who Susan Aufgang is. You have checked out the date of admission and the date she signed the Bar Roll and then you’ve looked at the photo and thought, “Hang on, she’s seen a few summers! What is she doing at the Bar and what was she doing before coming here?” In ante-diluvial times Susan managed to obtain an Arts Degree from the University of Melbourne. She then embarked upon a career in the Public Service of Victoria as a Computer Programmer. In fact it was so long ago that she arrived there before the computer – yes, that’s right – THE computer. The stories she can tell you about paper tape, punched cards and magnetic tape are almost unbelievable in this day and age. A few years passed and Susan acquired a Science Degree (also from the University of Melbourne). Not content with that she even completed the preliminary year of a Masters Degree in Business Administration (again from Melbourne Uni) but before she had a chance to finish that degree she had quit the Public Service to start her own IT consulting business. Along the way she had gone through the ranks of the Public Service working her way up to being the Director of Research at the Valuer-General’s Office. Out on her own (more or less) Susan was kept busy doing work for about thirty organizations in both the public and private sectors. Her business grew solely by word of mouth but after she had developed stacks and stacks of computer systems she needed a new challenge. She figured life was too interesting to only have one career. Around this time Susan was dragged kicking and screaming in the direction of the Law. It’s a long story and for the price of a glass of wine (or even a bottle of still water) she can be coaxed into telling it, but not here. Anyhow, she wandered off to Monash University and three years later she had a Law Degree with Second Class Honours. A year at the Leo Cussen Institute (and a Post-Grad Diploma in Legal Practice) and Susan was ready to face the world once more. Being an argumentative soul Susan headed straight for the Bar and here she languishes waiting for the killer brief. She mainly mucks around in the Magistrates’ Court and has even tried her hand in the County Court and VCAT. She’s had the odd skirmish in the Federal and Supreme Courts but nothing to write home about. With her considerable life experience, Susan has learnt to interact and communicate well with all types of people (you should have seen some of the folks she had to deal with in her earlier life) but makes a point of never using jargon or talking down to any of her clients (or even her instructors) regardless of age, gender, education level, socio-economic background or ethnicity. Her advice work is sound, her negotiation skills excellent and she enjoys settling matters at mediation. However, trial work is what gives her a real buzz. If you want to know more about Susan or are tempted to throw her a juicy brief or two the contact details are listed above. Susan is sitting by the phone waiting (and it isn’t even a 1900 number). Oh, and she does have a very warped sense of humour which can help diffuse tense situations … but then you’ve probably already worked that out.
Liability limited by a scheme approved under Professional Standards legislation.

Formal Details 0

  • Admitted to Practice
    06 November 2002
  • First Signing Bar Roll
    29 April 2004
  • Qualifications
    BA, BSc (Melb); LLB (Hons) (Monash); GDLP (LCI)

Areas of Speciality

  • Arbitration & ADR
  • Civil Procedure
  • Environment & Planning
  • Insurance & Professional Negligence
  • Intellectual Property & Trade Practices
  • Property & Probate
  • Public Law