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John Glover is a commercial barrister, specializing in trusts and taxation law.

He is Professor of Law in the Graduate School of Business and Law at RMIT University.

He is a judicial member of VCAT, assigned to the Review and Regulation (Taxation) List.

As a legal academic, John has authored three books, including one translated into Serbian, and over 60 articles on trusts, fiduciary relationships, insolvency and fraud. These have had numerous citations in judgements and dicta in Australian courts, including the High Court of Australia, the Federal Court of Australia, state Supreme Courts, as well as the UK Court of Appeal and the Ontario Supreme Court of Justice.

John is a contributing co-author of Ford and Lee, The Law of Trusts (Thomson Reuters).
"Many trust structures do not achieve intended tax-efficiency and asset-protection strategies. Bamford, trust-streaming and other amendments to existing trusts need to be carefully considered. Sometimes they are unnecessary. CGT and stamp duty (Duties Act 2000) penalties for mistakes are substantial. I advise on how to avoid such pitfalls," says Professor Glover.

John's Appearances have included:

  • Wales v Wales [2015] VSC 151 – trustees – dispute with capital beneficiaries – winding-up of trusts
  • Melba Support Services v Bell [2014] VSC 425 – charitable institution – whether institution went out of existence
  • Mainieri v Cirillo [2013] VSC 399 affirmed [2014] VSCA 227 – equity – fraud - constructive trust
  • Estate of Tomamichel [2014] VCC 246 
    Family provision
  • Hamilton v Carter [2011] NSWSC
    Undue influence - unconscionable dealing - incapacity
  • Gillespie and Anor v Novara Furniture (Aust) Pty Ltd [2010] VSC 103
    Specific performance - breach of trust - knowing assistance - fraud
  • Russo v Russo [2010] VSC 357 
    Confidentiality of filed documents - application of “open justice” principle
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  • Admitted to Practice
    02 April 1979
  • First Signing Bar Roll
    22 November 1984
  • Qualifications
    B.A.(Hons), LL.B.(Hons)(Melb), B.C.L.(Oxon), Ph.D.(Mon), F.T.I.A.

Areas of Speciality

  • Banking & Finance
  • Corporations & Securities
  • Equity
  • Insolvency Law
  • Property & Probate
  • Superannuation

Areas of Mediation

  • Banking & Finance
  • Corporations & Securities
  • Equity
  • Insolvency Law
  • Property & Probate
  • Superannuation