Jeff Gleeson QC - Chair

Geoffrey McArthur QC, Deputy Chair

Kate Anderson, Secretary

Kate Anderson has been an office holder of the Insurance and Professional Negligence law section since 2001.  She is also a member of the Bar Council.  If you have any queries in relation to membership of the section; its Continuing Professional Development seminars; or its lunchtime discussion group forums, you may contact her.

Clive Madder, Monitor

Clive Madder has both a commercial and common law practice. He appears at trial and appellate level, and provides advice and paperwork in his listed areas of practice.

Alexandra Golding, Monitor

Alex has practised as a solicitor for 20 years, most recently as a senior consultant at Moray & Agnew. She practises in the commercial sphere with particular interest in professional negligence, liability, environmental and building claims. She was seconded to a financial institution and undertook asset recovery work for that institution. She is experienced in all forms of ADR, particularly mediation.