Class Actions

The Class Actions Section has been established in recognition of the important role of representative proceedings in Federal and State courts.  The ability to combine numerous claims in a single action has changed the economics of mass-claimant litigation.  It has permitted untried causes of action to be tested in new environments.  The stakes are high and the actions are notoriously hard-fought.  And in the background there are subtle technical and strategic decisions to be made to address the “class” aspects of the litigation – the definition and management of class members, the identification and pleading of common questions, the isolation of specific issues for trials which proceed in discrete stages, and complex settlement considerations.

The Victorian Bar includes many of the most experienced class action litigators in Australia.  The Class Actions Section aims to provide a forum for collegial discussion between experienced practitioners, for the continuing education of all practitioners, and for informed contributions to important public debate and law reform initiatives.

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