Asia Practice Officebearers

William Lye - Chair

William is racially Chinese and culturally Malaysian Australian. He was the President of the Chinese Professional and Business Association Limited from 1997-1999, and an Honorary Member of the Federation of Chinese Associations. He is also the Chair of the Organising Committee for the Engaging the Asian Economies - Law & Practice conference held yearly in October.

He has expertise in building strategic alliances and has worked with legal practitioners in various Asian economies representing interests of both Australian and Asian companies. He has also sat on public listed companies representing the interests of high net worth investors.

He is a member of the prestigious Corporate Malaysia Round Table, Asian Strategy and Leadership Institute and speaker at the World Chinese Economic Forum. He is currently the Co-Chair of the World Chinese Economic Forum 2012 to be held in Melbourne. He regularly conducts workshops on issues relating to "cultural intelligence", Eastern based methods of negotiations, Opportunity Evaluation, Entrepreneurship and Innovation.

Deputy Chair

This position is currently vacant.

Charmaine Lye - Secretary

Chairmaine was formerly from Singapore. She has practised law in Singapore, Hong Kong and New York. She is a graduate of Cambridge University and has been a member of the Victorian Bar since 2005. Charmaine is experienced in the regulation of the financial and capital markets in the Asia Pacific region.

Roderick Tan - Finance & BD

Roderick was a former business and corporate banker for banks such as St George Bank, NAB and ANZ. He was admitted to practice in 2003 and recently signed the Bar roll. He was born in Malaysia and lived in the United Kingdom for a period of time when completing his MBA. He previously worked as a solicitor at Russell Kennedy and Hall & Wilcox. Prior to his banking an legal career, Roderick had also worked in Kuala Lumpur with international chartered accounting firms and a major listed Malaysian company.

Mark Holden - Media Relations

Mark was an artist and entrepreneur in the entertainment industry in Australia and the USA for over 25 years prior to commencing practice at the Victorian Bar in 2009. His international experience provides a strong understanding of diverse cultures and networks worldwide including Asia.

Kumar Kappadath - Monitor

Kumar was formerly from India. He is predominantly engaged in advisory and appearance work in all areas of commercial law. Kumar is also entitled to practise in India.